Let’s have fun! An Anthology!

I never submitted a story before to be included in an anthology.  This is my first, and the main reason I did it was because I enjoy working with my epublisher, Solstice Publishing!  The title is Let’s Have Fun and my story is “I became a witch the easy way!”


Alex Pilalis author

Author bio:

After completing an Art Foundation course and a BA in Digital Arts, Alex Pilalis pursued his interest of animation with an MSc in Computer Animation and an online course with Animation Mentor. He is currently an animator on children’s television shows. Alex began his publishing journey with two children’s story books, “Three Wishes” and “Where Dreams May Go,” and was spurred on to write and create more. As a big science fiction and fantasy fan, and heavily inspired by classic adventure stories such as The Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars films and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Alex felt a great urge to tell his own story. Being an avid gamer, he spent the majority of his time growing up developing a video game adventure concept, and to this day has amassed hundreds of A4 pages, several filled notepads, dozens of word documents and a detailed Wiki, collecting all the ideas and images of the world as it progressed and became what it is today. Feeling the overwhelming need to bring the story to life and out into the ether, somehow, Alex decided to use his passion for writing and storytelling and turn the game into a novel, which has become Island Legends: The Awakening of James Island. Doing so has allowed him to delve into the character’s minds and bring them to life so much more than he ever thought possible back when he was designing hit-point percentages of sword attack combinations, and the result is a much more mature and complicated story than his younger mind could have ever conceived. Originally from London, Alex currently lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

old pots and pans

When I got married an officer in my husband’s squadron brought a big box of used pots, pans, Melmac cups, saucers, some silverware, etc. to our apartment.  We were just starting out and had to buy things a little here and there.  It was 1974 and we just made do with what we had from payday to payday until we accumulated enough stuff to cook with.  My cooking was marginal anyway, we mostly ate fried meat and canned vegetables every night!  This was one of the pots.  It had no brand name anywhere on it.  Does anybody know what it is?  The handle and lid top are some sort of hard black stuff.  There was a big stew pot, that’s out in the dog pen.  One of the handles fell off, otherwise I still would be using it!