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lightning strike!

This is my first posting in a  long time.  Guess I haven’t had a lot to say!  Wordpress notified me that my password was compromised somehow, not really hacked, but I still was asked to reset it.  In July we had a lightning strike on our property.  We were both outside on the cement porch.  There were 3 booms of thunder, than a horribly bright flash of lightening plus the deafening roar.  I was so scared my left leg was temporarily paralyzed!  Two weeks later I was talking to two RN’s that I know and they said I may have been mildly shocked by the lightning!  That made me feel so strange, to think I was that close too being fried!  They asked was I wearing shoes or standing in water.  (yes to the first and no to the second).  We had just left our vehicle and hopped quickly onto the porch, so we got a few rain sprinkles on us.    I am thankful to be a Christian, and know my Lord is always looking out for me.  Still, this was a real wakeup call to how  close we are to meeting our heavenly Maker! I’ll be paying a lot more attention to lightning from now on!


Color Of The Flame

up for sale 11-1-16 at Solstice Publishing and Amazon!

Isn’t life strange.   Lilith looked back at her house getting smaller in the rear view mirror.  It was only five years ago when she and Trey lived in free migrant housing on the blueberry farm.  It was plain but warm enough in the Michigan winters.  It was a perk as a maid.  Yet when Ernie’s wife died, he married her and she moved into the big house.  Then Ernie died and the house and farm became hers.  She never knew she’d own a fruit farm; the work was hard but rewarding.   But bills and taxes can add up quickly.  Too quickly for a widow woman.

Snowfall’ s Secret

I am posting a fair review for reading an ARC of a new book, Snowfall’s Secret by Natalie Silk.  It’s not up for sale yet, but will be shortly on Solstice Publishing. Ms. Silk wrote a very interesting YA- Sci Fi book about a very strange girl that a family finds and takes in to protect her until they find her real family.  It was such an unusual book, I read it in one evening!  I hope Natalie writes more books like this!