lightning strike!

This is my first posting in a  long time.  Guess I haven’t had a lot to say!  Wordpress notified me that my password was compromised somehow, not really hacked, but I still was asked to reset it.  In July we had a lightning strike on our property.  We were both outside on the cement porch.  There were 3 booms of thunder, than a horribly bright flash of lightening plus the deafening roar.  I was so scared my left leg was temporarily paralyzed!  Two weeks later I was talking to two RN’s that I know and they said I may have been mildly shocked by the lightning!  That made me feel so strange, to think I was that close too being fried!  They asked was I wearing shoes or standing in water.  (yes to the first and no to the second).  We had just left our vehicle and hopped quickly onto the porch, so we got a few rain sprinkles on us.    I am thankful to be a Christian, and know my Lord is always looking out for me.  Still, this was a real wakeup call to how  close we are to meeting our heavenly Maker! I’ll be paying a lot more attention to lightning from now on!


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