a book I just reviewed! Good, too! Trapped in Timelessness by Angel Schenna


story one – Trapped in Timelessness- features six young people are caught in a terrifying situation at a palace It was so horrifying while reading it, I was absolutely frozen since I don’t normally read books like this! But I was curious. I had to see how they escaped their situation!. The characters all think back to their former lives and what a predicament they have been caught up in. Their fears are palpable, Everything in their easy life seems to just be on hold for a while. Bruce and Brittany as the adults try to keep everyone else calm. Another adult character is introduced into the story. This had a very satisfying ending I might add.

 Lake’s Curse- the story begins with Jason and Ciara, two young people in love. Like many high school couples, they go off to a remote place and some serious stuff happens. Other characters are quickly yet seamlessly moved into the story.   Everyone has problems and hang-ups that really make them interesting.   The description of the area, Green Lake, and the people is detailed and well written. The author (Angel Schenna) has a good knack for writing believable dialogue. Stay tuned! You’ll be scared!  This was my favourite of the three stories. I think when you read it, you will feel the same.

 The Alphas– is the third and final instalment. Mr. Schenna begins this story with dialogue between Leonim and Marc. This continues describing the Alphas who were mentioned in the ending of the second story, Lake’s Curse. The original six people from the first story are re-introduced. A terrible world-wide calamity occurs and Mr. Schenna takes us to various cities around the globe to describe the horrible aftermath. This story got me thinking about the Rapture and Revelation of the Church in the final days. It was very sobering.


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